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ASNA Family of .NET Development Products  
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ASNA Browser Terminal®

ASNA Browser Terminal (BTerm)™ is a 5250 emulator that is as at home on a tablet as it is on your desktop. It provides very simple end-user connectivity to the IBM i and renders either the IBM i's traditional character-based display or ASNA Wings modernized displays.  The mobile optimizations allow users the full power of an IBM I terminal with the freedom of a tablet.  Click here for more information about ASNA Browser Terminal.

ASNA Mobile RPG®

ASNA Mobile RPG™ is a game-changing new product for IBM i RPG programmers that allows the creation of Mobile Apps that use data, programs, and business logic on the IBM i. With Mobile RPG, you can access the power and resources of the IBM i from any mobile device, without coding in any .NET language! Mobile RPG is uses IBM’s Rational Open Access for RPG to tailor-make mobile apps for the IBM i with open standards and superb extensibility. Click here for more information about ASNA Mobile RPG.

ASNA Wings®

ASNA Wings™ is an advanced product for IBM i RPG programs that modernizes traditional 5250 green screen user interfaces.  With Wings, you can quickly and effectively give your legacy RPG applications the user experience they deserve—while leaving your RPG logic intact on the IBM i.  Wings is not a stop-gap screen scraper!  Wings uses IBM’s Rational Open Access for RPG to naturally extend your RPG applications with open standards and superb extensibility.  Click here for more information about ASNA Wings.

ASNA Monarch®

ASNA Monarch transforms IBM i programs or applications originally written in ILE RPG or RPG/400, into a native Microsoft .NET application; enabling modernization, extension, and application integration. Monarch is much more than a simple-source migration facility. Monarch is a comprehensive set of tightly coupled technologies that analyze your IBM i applications and moves them to Microsoft .NET. Click here for more information about ASNA Monarch.

ASNA Visual RPG® for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010-2017

ASNA's Visual RPG for .NET (AVR.NET) is an RPG compiler that "snaps" into Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET. It generates 100% Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) and connects Windows and browser-based applications directly to your IBM i servers and Microsoft SQL Servers. AVR.NET empowers your RPG programming teams to create robust and secure enterprise applications with a modern development environment. RPG programmers can learn the basics of AVR.NET in just a few days and in short order be creating world-class applications. These applications can be as simple as a Windows-based graphical data entry program or scale all the way to sophisticated Web services performing business-to-business transactions across the Internet. Click here for more information about Visual RPG.

ASNA DataGate®

Fast, secure database access is the key to creating successful enterprise applications. ASNA DataGate for .NET works directly with the most popular database platforms to ease application creation and migration - and to help developers get the most out of widely dispersed or closely managed enterprise databases. DataGate works with .NET applications created with ASNA Visual RPG® for .NET, and with any other .NET language (such as Visual Basic® .NET or Visual C#®) to provide fast, seamless access to IBM i data.  Click here for more information about ASNA DataGate.

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