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ASNA Visual RPG® 4.1 Classic | ASNA DataGate® for iSeries 7.2 

ASNA Visual RPG 4.1 (Classic) is an RPG development environment for Windows that is based on COM (Component Object Model) technology; Microsoft's legacy programming model.  AVR Classic is currently in use, in thousands of companies worldwide, and is primarily used for creating Windows applications that connect, without change, to IBM's System i (formerly known as iSeries, AS/400), Microsoft's SQL Server and the ASNA Acceler8DB database that resides on Windows desktops and servers.

ASNA Visual RPG 4.1 (AVR) is an integrated development environment for creating enterprise Web, Windows, and .NET applications.  Transparent database access; an integrated editor, compiler and debugger; support for emerging standards such as XML and SOAP; and equally powerful Web or Windows deployment possibilities make ASNA Visual RPG a powerful application development environment.