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ASNA Visual RPG 4.1 Classic 

Release Notes for ASNA Visual RPG Classic 4.1 Version 12.108

Released to GA July 11, 2012

Visual RPG 4.1 (12.108)
DataGate Client 5.0 (7.341)

Installation Notes

Important. Please Read:

It is critical that you install all Microsoft updates before installing AVR 4.1 Classic.

You should only use AVR 4.1 if you are planning to upgrade existing AVR classic code to AVR.NET code via the Upgrade Assistant. If you are not planning on upgrading to AVR.NET, then you may continue to use AVR 4.0 classic.

AVR Classic 4.1 employs a different license key model than AVR 4.0. The Upgrade Assistant will not complete without a valid, permanent 4.1 license. If you do not have a license for AVR 4.1, please call your ASNA representative. Upgrade Assistant is installed with AVR for .NET on the same development machine as AVR 4.1. You must install AVR 8.2 or later to employ the Upgrade Assistant.

Note: Upgrade Assistant is not packaged with AVR Classic. It is packaged and installed with AVR .NET. Be certain to stay current with the latest releases of AVR .NET to employ the Upgrade Assistant's most recent fixes and features.

Call/Parm support to the iSeries and AVR 4.1 application is incompatible with DataGate/400 release 5.1200.1.51 and older. Please install 5.1200.1.64 (or later) on your iSeries for DataGate 5.0. Please note that DataGate versions and 7.2.228 and later are compatible.

DataGate for SQL Server 5.0 users: AVR 4.1 installs the .NET DataGate client which is not compatible with a DSS 5.0 Server. You will need to install DSS for .NET 8.2 (or later) on your SQL Server machine. Additionally, the DSS 5.0 client is not compatible with .NET DSS for SQL Server. You will need to install the AVR 4.1 deployment package on all machines that will access the DSS for .NET Server.

ASNA Visual RPG 4.1 Fixes

Fixes for AVR 4.1 since the previous GA build (12.102)

  • Case 13690: Tabbing doesn't work in AVR Classic forms consumed in .NET

 AVR 4.1 Classic Downloads - (Series Items)

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