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ASNA Wings 6.0 

Release Notes for ASNA Wings

Released to GA April 3, 2013

What's New in Wings 6.0

Mobile Support

  • Wings' support for mobile applications has been improved by new properties and facilities that facilitate integration into Mobile platforms:
    • Text fields can now perform the standard functions of automatic text correction with the Autocorrect and Autocapitalize properties.
    • Support for HTML5 and its wealth of new and improved layout and design options.
    • The Wings Terminal Emulator has been upgraded with a suite of new options to function on both iPads and Android tablets.
    • The Wings page template now includes a property allowing dynamic selection of device-specific versions of the page.

Unicode Support

  • Wings now supports the use of Unicode (UTF-16) characters in Wings Display Files.

Rearranging Function Keys

  • Function keys on imported display files can now be moved by changing the MonarchDdsFileKeyOrder key found in the Web.config AppSetting file.

Wings Design Aid

  • Support for development Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 Pro.

Installation Notes

If you have installed a previous release, please uninstall it before installing this release.

If you have installed other ASNA products from our 10.1 and 5.0 product families (e.g. Visual RPG 10.1, Monarch 5.0), you will need to upgrade them to the last minor version (e.g. Visual RPG 10.2 or Monarch 5.2) before installing Wings 6.0.

Only one installation of Visual RPG, Windows Deployment, or DataGate WebPak may be installed on a single machine. The Windows Deployment and WebPak components are subsets of what is contained in the AVR installation package. Attempting to install Visual RPG (the development package) onto a machine where the Deployment package is already installed (or vice-versa) will result in neither package working. The 10.1 versions of the installation program and the versions prior to did not prevent this condition from occuring. If you have one of these products installed currently on your machine, please uninstall it before installing another.

ASNA Wings is composed of several items, some of them are used exclusively at design time, others at design and run time, there are items installed on the Windows machines and there are others installed on the System i.

These are the ASNA components used at design time:

  • Wings Design Aid 6.0 (WDA). The WDA package includes DataGate client, Terminal Emulation support, Wings support and Visual RPG support.
  • DataGate 11.0 for System i (includes the Wings Handler).
  • ASNA Monarch Collector 3.1.

For run time, the ASNA components needed are:

  • DataGate WebPak (includes DataGate client, Terminal Emulation support, Wings support and Visual RPG support)
  • DataGate 11.0 for System i (includes the Wings Handler)

The download packages on this page include the components for WDA, Monarch Collector and WebPak. The downloadable package for DataGate 11.0 for System i can be found here.

Installing Microsoft's latest service packs, high priority and optional software updates for Windows, the .NET Framework, and Visual Studio 2012 is highly recommended.

WDA has been tested on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 8 Pro 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bits
  • Windows Server 2012 64 bits

Caution: If Visual Studio is being installed along with Wings, either do not install Visual Studio's Help files, or wait until they have finished downloading and installing before installing the Wings Help files. Visual Studio's Help files are quite extesive and can take several hours to download and install even with an excellent connection and Windows Machine; attempting to install Wings Help files while this process is ongoing will cause the install to fail.

Also, ensure Visual Studio is not running at the time of Wings installation, as this can likewise cause conflicts.

Software Requirements

Before installing WDA, please ensure the Windows machine is equipped with the following:

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 Pro
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 - ASNA Wings Design Aid requires a licensed copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Premium, Ultimate, Professional. You can also use the Visual Studio 2012 Integrated Shell but your experience in C# or VB will not be as good as with the other versions.
  • At least one of these programming languages:
    • ASNA Visual RPG 11.0
    • Visual C# 2010
    • Visual Basic 2010
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • A supported Web browser (see below)

On the System i, you will need the following:

  • IBM i 6.1 or higher
  • IBM's Rational Open Access: RPG Edition
    • OAR is available for free on V6 R1 and V7 R1, but ensure you have the required PTFs from IBM for the RPG compiler installed. As of March 2013 these were:
    • For V6R1, PTF SI45904; For V7R1 TGTRLS(*CURRENT), PTF SI45903; For V7R1 TGTRLS(*PRV), PTF is SI45902
  • ASNA DataGate for IBM i version 11.0. Download.
  • ASNA Monarch Collector version - Installation instructions for Monarch Collector can be found here:

Supported Web Browsers

ASNA Wings may be used with many different browsers. However only the following versions have been tested and are officially supported:

Browser Version Tested Version






Internet Explorer



Internet Explorer



Internet Explorer






Licenses Needed for ASNA Wings

ASNA Wings requires license keys on the Windows and System i machines.

    On the developer Windows machine apply these license keys (Using the Registration Assistant):

    • Wings Design Aid 6.0 (Look under Monarch on the Registration Assistant tree)

    On the System i apply these license keys:

    • DataGate 11.0 for System i [ use the ==> DG8installationLibrary/REGISTER LICENSE(*SRVR) command ]
    • Wings Handler [ use the ==> DG8installationLibrary/REGISTER LICENSE(*WNGS) command ]

Limitations of 6.0

This build 6.0 of Wings has the following limitations:

  • Do not install ASNA Wings 6.0 on a machine which has installed AVR or DG versions 8.x, 9x, 10.0, or 10.1. Wings 6.0 can coexist with version in the 10.2/5.2 family.

Required IBM i SYSVAL and User Profile setting required for Wings 6.0

The following System Values are required:

  • QMLTTHDACN:  1 or 2

Limitations of IBM Rational Open Access - RPG Edition

  • Handler support limited to ILE RPG (RPGIV) only. All other languages are excluded at this time, including CL.
  • An Open-Access file cannot be a program-described WORKSTN file.

For more details, please see Chapter 6 in the document link below:

Differences in Format Level Identifiers

There are several display file features that are handled differently in Wings than on the IBM i with respect to the layout of certain fields in record formats, this differences cause the Format Level Identifiers used in Level Checks to be different for files exported by Wings and those created directly from pure DDS. The normal development cycle for Wings ensures that this differences do not cause any problem. This cycle follows these steps:

  1. Import Display File DDS into Visual Studio
  2. Optionally make modifications to the ASPX file created
  3. Export the ASPX back to the IBM i onto a library for Wings exported Display Files
  4. Add the HANDLER keyword to the RPG ILE program that will use the new ASPX as a workstation file
  5. Compile the RPG ILE program ensuring the exported Display Files library is found first in the library list by the RPG compiler

Some of the DDS features that cause Wings to generate different Format Level Identifiers are:

  • The usage of fields for row/col on the WINDOW keyword.
  • Using a field for the WNDTITLE keyword.
  • On Subfile Controller formats used on message subfiles, using the SFLPGMQ keyword on a field other than the first one of the format.


Note - If this software is downloaded via Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10 you may receive a message stating that this file "is not commonly downloaded" when attempting to install it. In this event click the View Downloads button, select the ASNA product to install from that list, and confirm that you'd like to install it.

Similarly, attempting to install the software directly through Microsoft Windows 8 may cause a "Windows protected your PC" message to appear. In this event click the small More Info prompt on the left, and click Run Anyway on the following window. 

Issues Resolved Since GA release

DataGate Client

  • Case 15860. IFileObject.RecordLength property always returns 0.
  • Case 14562. CBC: BS 310 Green Screen Comparison Differences.

DataGate Controls

  • Case 14562. CBC: BS 310 Green Screen Comparison Differences.
  • Case 13828. Option to not stop when copying "Duplicate Object Errors" are ignored.

DataGate Studio

  • Case 15905. The 'DataGateExplorer' package did not load correctly.
  • Case 15858. Filedef designer can't open new *FIELDREF files that have 0 fields.
  • Case 6861. Add support for Printing a File Definition.
  • Add option page item for *FIELDREF prompt switching.
  • Change other option page boolean switches to yes/no options.

Monarch Web Controls

  • Case 15901. Terminal not recognizing default color changes in framework.css class.
  • Case 15878. Checkbox not reporting value correctly.
  • Case 15776. Submit not working with asp:ScriptManager.
  • Add Autocomplete property for DdsCharField, especially for passwords (browser may assist in remembering them for the user).
  • Fixed incompatibility with font-families that were specified for <pre> elements using quotes (i.e. families with more than one word in the name).
  • Fixed JavaScript compatibility issue with IE8 (5250 Emulator).
  • Fixed spelling of 'Behavior'.
  • Fixed toolbox visibility of DDS controls.
  • Let Page.CombineApplicationPath deal with the prefix ~/.
  • Preserve field value for input capable fields that were 'hidden' or protected.

Registration Assistant

  • "Normalized" the Mobile RPG tree display, to be consistent with Wings DA.
  • Registration was showing "Wings Wings..." on the design aid page.
  • Widen the product name text box on the page control of each product, so that the products with longer names are visible without scrolling.

Visual RPG Runtime

  • Case 15846. RemoveMessage('*ALL') fails every time.
  • Case 15154. CL Agent generates GetLdaField instead of "IN".

Wings Design Aid

  • Case 13365. Missing MSGID when exporting to DSPF.

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