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ASNA Visual RPG 10.2 for Visual Studio 2010 

Release Notes for ASNA Visual RPG

Released to GA February 19, 2014

NOTE: Monarch and Wings pages with subfiles using Fold/Drop should be republished to their websites if the WebPak 10.2.39 or newer is loaded on the web server.

What is New in AVR 10.2

Upgrade Assistant

ASNA Upgrade Assistant is now available to help you bootstrap the conversion of AVR Classic projects to AVR 10.2 for .NET.

Note: Installing a later version of the Upgrade Assistant with an earlier installation of AVR will upgrade the AVR runtimes. If the 9.1 compiler and runtime are old they will be updated to 10.2; deployment machines using 9.1 will also need to be updated to use the new versions.

Installation Notes

If you have installed other ASNA products from our 10.1 and 5.0 product families (e.g. DataGate Component Suite 10.1, Wings 5.0), please remove them prior to installation, or upgrade them before or after upgrading to AVR 10.2.

If you have installed AVR BETA or earlier on a 64-bit machine, please uninstall it before installing this 10.2 release.

If you have installed AVR or earlier, please uninstall ASNA Framework Help before installing this 10.2 release.

Installing Microsoft's latest service packs, high priority and optional software updates for Windows, the .NET Framework, and Visual Studio 2010 is highly recommended. 

Windows Deployment and DataGate WebPak now include DataGate Studio. Please be advised that DataGate Studio requires Visual Studio 2010 (Either full or Integrated shell), if you don't want to install DataGate Studio, please disable this component in the installation wizard.

The support for targeting the .NET Framework 4.0 is separate from the support for 2.0/3.0/3.5. The installation always installs the support for the .NET Framework 4.0. Starting with AVR 10.1.13 and newer releases, installation of the components needed for 2.0/3.0/3.5 is done automatically, if at the time of installation, the machine does not have the AVR compiler for 2.0/3.0/3.5 (AVR 9.1 or earlier AVR 10.1) you can opt to install 2.0/3.0/3.5 support or not.

Considerations for 11.0/10.2 side-by-side installations

AVR 11.0 is able to coexist with AVR 10.2 and AVR Classic 5.0 but earlier versions are not supported. Installing AVR 11.0 on a machine with AVR 10.2 (for VS 2012) will upgrade the runtime components (DG Client, Monarch Controls, AVR Runtime) to the level required by AVR 10.2. Both versions of AVR on the machine will remain usable for development purposes, but any assembly created by either will require AVR 11.0 Deployment or WebPak when put into production.

Support for parallel development in AVR 10.2 and AVR 11.0 is limited to Windows 7 and newer environments.

Graphics Server charting controls are no longer included with AVR .NET developer installation. If you are using Graphics Server controls, consider transitioning to Microsoft's Chart Controls which are available from Microsoft at no charge.

Warning - Do not uninstall Visual Studio 2010 without first uninstalling AVR. Doing so can cause severe errors.

DataGate for Windows and DataGate for SQL Server new License Code

The installation packages on this download page include the DataGate 10.2 server used for DataGate for Windows and DataGate for SQL Server. A new license is required to run DataGate 10.2, so if you are planning on installing one of these packages on a machine that is currently running DataGate 9.1, whether a server or a developer's machine, please do one of the following:

  1. Obtain a new license for DataGate (either for SQL Server or for Windows) from ASNA and apply it right after you have installed the package,
  2. Or, in the installation Wizard, unselect the option to install the ASNA DataGate Server 10.2 on the machine to avoid installing DataGate 10.2 and continue running with 9.1,
  3. Or, after installing DataGate 10.2, stop the DataGate Server 10 service in the Services applet for Windows and start the DataGate Server service.

Upgrade Assistant

Users who wish to convert OLE print files using Upgrade Assistant will also need an installation of one of the following: AVR, WebPak, Deployment, Wings, DataGate for SQL Server, DataGate Studio, or DataGate Component Suite.

Note: Installing a later version of the Upgrade Assistant with an earlier installation of AVR will upgrade the AVR runtimes as detailed in the "side-by-side installations" section.


Examples are installed in Public Documents (Win 7); Documents and Settings\All Users (XP).

Changes on VS 2010 vs. VS 2008

There are some features of Visual Studio 2008 which have been eliminated in Visual Studio 2010. These are the ones that you might miss the most:

  • Crystal Reports has not made good templates available for Visual Studio 2010.
  • Microsoft does not provide a .NET Framework 4.0 ASMX Web Services
    • If you want to create a web service based on ASMX, then you should do it in FX 3.5
    • If you need the service to be .NET Framework 4.0 then use WCF

Software Requirements

AVR 10.2 and DataGate Studio 10.2 require Visual Studio 2010; AVR 10.2 also requires some Windows SDK components. There are two ways of installing the necessary support on the developer machine:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - A licensed copy of Visual Studio Professional, Premium or Ultimate.  If you wish to use a more recent version of Visual Studio, you must updte to AVR 11.0 or higher.
  2. Integrated Shell and SDK - Alternatively, a copy of the freely available Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Integrated Shell can be downloaded and installed, for AVR 10.2 install also a copy of the Windows SDK 7.1. For AVR 10.2, after installing the shell and the SDK, download the program from here; this program is a self-extracting file that contains a fix for the SDK; there are two version of the fix, one for 32-bit Windows and one for 64-bit, after extracting the fixes, run the one corresponding to your system.

Additionally, the following is also required:

  1. .NET Framework 4 - ASNA Visual RPG requires the .NET Framework 4 for correct operation. .NET Framework 3.5 is optional.
  2. Windows Installer 4.5 or newer - In general, you will have to install this Installer from Microsoft if you are running a version of Windows older than Windows 7. To obtain the Installer visit the Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable page.

Warning - Do not uninstall Visual Studio 2010 without first uninstalling AVR. Doing so can cause severe errors in your AVR installation.

ASNA Product Components Contained in AVR for .NET Installation

This installation is a package of several ASNA product components, each with their own versions. Key product versions are available from Visual Studio Help>About Visual RPG and Help>About DataGate Studio. A List of ASNA components currently installed on your machine, can be found in the Windows Control Panel at Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features.

Note - If this software is downloaded via Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10 you may receive a message stating that this file "is not commonly downloaded" when attempting to install it. In this event click the View Downloads button, select the ASNA product to install from that list, and confirm that you'd like to install it.

Similarly, attempting to install the software directly through Microsoft Windows 8 may cause a "Windows protected your PC" message to appear. In this event click the small More Info prompt on the left, and click Run Anyway on the following window.

Issues Resolved Since GA release

DataGate Server

  • Case 13531. UPDATE returns EOF error immediately after successful chain-by-rrn.
  • Case 16007. DataGate Monitor Client Open Files: dg400 returns faulty data.
  • Case 16026. Large reports with macros cause C runtime crash.
  • Case 16067. FourWinds Temp Storage Growth.

Monarch Web Controls

  • Case 15743. Going from protected to unprotected state loses tabindex.
  • Case 15759. Terminal emulator unable to capture function keys correctly using Internet Explorer 8.
  • Case 16025. DdsDecDateField does not return correct decimal definition.
  • Case 16078. DropdownText does not dispaly the Value text when protected.
  • Case 16082. SFLCSRRRN implementation (DdsSubfileControl property SubfileCursorRecord) is not implemented correctly.
  • Case 16200. Submit Wait 2 second animated GIF does not show on Chrome with Blink engine (Version 28+).
  • Case 16202. Using DblClickKey propery without DblClickTargetField and DblClickTargetValue on a subfile with only constants reports RRN = 0.

Visual RPG Compiler

  • Case 16011. AVR for .NET chokes implementing iEquatable interface.
  • Case 16020. a *byref to a constructor causes syntax error.
  • Case 16025. DdsDecDateField does not return correct decimal definition.
  • Case 16161. Using DS with IN or OUT causes runtime exception.
  • Case 16291. Illegal character in row 1 column 1 causes compiler crash.
  • Case 16309. Legal character in row 1 column 1 crashes compiler.

Visual RPG Project

  • Case 16055. Cannot create new winforms - Error: Input string was not in a correct format).
  • Case 16192. Resx inside folder causes compile error.

Visual RPG Runtime

  • Case 15096. Provide a public method to the myjob class which would end the program(s) without ending the job.
  • Case 16025. DdsDecDateField does not return correct decimal definition.
  • Case 16118. Cannot read decimal data area with DataArea_In command.
  • Case 16220. Monarch license exception messages display the wrong version.

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