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ASNA Monarch 5.2 

Release Notes for ASNA Monarch

Released to GA February 22, 2013

NOTE: Monarch 5.2 now uses a 5.2 license, please obtain a new license code from ASNA after installation.

Software Requirements

  • ASNA DataGate for System i version 10.2 or newer
  • ASNA Monarch Collector version - Installation instructions for Monarch Collector can be found here:
  • .NET Framework 4 - ASNA Visual RPG requires the .NET Framework 4 for correct operation.
  • Windows Installer 4.5 or newer - In general, you will have to install this Installer from Microsoft if you are running a version of Windows older than Windows 7. To obtain the Installer visit the Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable page.

Installation Notes

If you have installed other ASNA products from our 10.1 and 5.0 product families (e.g. Visual RPG 10.1, Wings 5.0), please remove them prior to installation, or upgrade them before or after upgrading to Monarch 5.2.

ASNA Monarch 5.2 may be installed as a stand-alone product, or it may be installed along side ASNA Visual RPG 10.2. ASNA Monarch 5.2 is not compatible with ASNA Visual RPG 8.x or 9.x. Please consider upgrading to ASNA Visual RPG 10.2 before installing ASNA Monarch 5.2.

Installing Monarch 5.2 will automatically remove any current installation of Monarch 5.0.

Installing Microsoft's latest service packs, high priority and optional software updates for Windows and the .NET Framework is highly recommended.

Note - If this software is downloaded via Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10 you may receive a message stating that this file "is not commonly downloaded" when attempting to install it. In this event click the View Downloads button, select the ASNA product to install from that list, and confirm that you'd like to install it.

Similarly, attempting to install the software directly through Microsoft Windows 8 may cause a "Windows protected your PC" message to appear. In this event click the small More Info prompt on the left, and click Run Anyway on the following window.

Issues Resolved Since BETA release

Monarch Cocoon

  • Case 15548. Add support for MSGID(*NONE).
  • The Gallery Magnitude Grid had the largest and smallest programs switched.
  • When size condition (*DS3 or *DS4) is used to override location, use the new location of the previous field or constant instead of issuing Exception.

Issues Resolved Since GA release

Monarch Cocoon

  • Case 15359. Import Display file with subfile controller using SFLLIN generated VirtualRowCol with negative values.
  • Case 14281. DdsDecField has focus without select when 1st control to get focus.

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