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ASNA Visual RPG® 8.2 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 | ASNA DataGate® 8.2 | ASNA Monarch® 4.0 

ASNA Visual RPG® 8.2 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 is an RPG compiler for Microsoft's .NET Framework.  AVR enables RPG programmers to modernize existing RPG applications, develop Web services, and extend System i applications to .NET and the inherent support in Service Oriented Architecture while continuing to program with a familiar, RPG-like syntax.  AVR 8.2 integrates into Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 and compiles to 100% verifiable Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL).  AVR for .NET is the only development solution available for Microsoft's .NET that specifically supports high performance access to the System i database.

ASNA DataGate works directly with the most popular database platforms to ease application creation, extension, and migration—and to help developers get the most out of widely dispersed or closely managed enterprise databases. DataGate is available as a host server for connectivity to DB2/400 (supported from V5R2 through V6R1); as an IBM System i (formerly known as iSeries, AS/400)-like database for Microsoft Windows Servers and desktops; and, as a host server for connectivity to Microsoft's SQL Server.

ASNA DataGate Component Suite for .NET (DCS) offers Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET a robust .NET assembly that provides fast, reliable and scalable access to System i physical and logical files.  It also provides a high-speed program call, allowing Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET programmers to easily call OS/400 program objects.

ASNA Monarch is a comprehensive set of tightly coupled software applications that improves the performance, integration, and usability of RPG and CL programs/applications.  Using Monarch, developers transform once monolithic applications to become contemporary applications supporting n-tier architectures, modern user interfaces, enterprise application integration, Web services, and similar capabilities using the Microsoft Windows .NET Framework.

Monarch automates the processes required to transform RPG programs or entire applications to the Microsoft .NET architecture while preserving the original program logic and application functionality.  Once transformed using Monarch, applications may be extended, modified, or enhanced by both RPG and Visual Studio development teams.