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ASNA Visual RPG® 11.2 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 | ASNA DataGate® 11.2 | ASNA Monarch® 6.2 | ASNA Wings® 6.2 | ASNA Mobile RPG® 6.2  

ASNA Visual RPG® 11.2 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is an RPG compiler for Microsoft's .NET Framework. AVR enables RPG programmers to modernize existing RPG applications, develop Web services, and extend IBM i applications to .NET and the inherent support in Service Oriented Architecture while continuing to program with a familiar, RPG-like syntax. AVR 11.2 integrates into Microsoft's Visual Studio 2012 and compiles to 100% verifiable Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL).

ASNA DataGate works directly with the most popular database platforms to ease application creation, extension, and migration—and to help developers get the most out of widely dispersed or closely managed enterprise databases. DataGate is available as a host server for connectivity to DB2/400 (supported from V5R4 through V7R1); as an IBM i (formerly known as iSeries, AS/400)-like database for Microsoft Windows Servers and desktops; and, as a host server for connectivity to Microsoft's SQL Server.

ASNA Wings® 6.2 is a suite of software that leverages IBM's Open Access to convert the 5250 green-screen display files of existing RPG programs into modern web pages. It allows a sleek, up-to-date interface without affecting business logic.

ASNA Mobile RPG® 6.2 uses IBM's Open Access and Microsoft's Visual Studio to allow RPG developers to create applications designed for mobile phones without any additional programming languages.

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