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Wings technical documents 

User interface enhancements
How to change a selection field into a Checkbox. This article shows a simple technique for transforming character fields into checkboxes in Wings or Monarch apps. 

How to Replace DdsCharField with Radio Buttons.  This is the first of several articles to illustrate how to work with the Workstation data marshaled between the RPG program and the Monarch ASPX page.   

How to get clickable prompt screens in Wings/Monarch apps. This article provides a technique for transforming the need to position to a field and pressing F4 to a simple mouse click.

Wings 5.2

Tips for merging Wings 5.0 project into Wings 5.2 Visual Studio project. This article shows a method for merging a Wings 5.0 project into a Wings 5.2 project.

Tips for managing RPGLE programs to support both Wings and 5250 display files.  Also, how to add a new display file field to a Wings ASPX page and get the new DSPF definition back to the IBM i. 

Visual Studio tips and techniques
How to get Intellisense in Global.ASAX.vr in AVR for .NET Web apps. A limitation in AVR's language service prevents Intelliense from displaying in Global.ASAX.vr files. here is a quick work-around to resolve that issue.

How to Create a Custom Wings Web Site Template.  Wings Design Aid comes out of the box with its own set of Master Pages and Theme style sheets.
Although useful for first time Wings projects, Wings' default Web Site template isn’t very helpful for production use.

How to Grant Trust to an Assembly Acquired From a Remote Source.  Here is what to do when you see this error in Visual Studio with AVR and Datagate projects: Failed to load reference ... This release of the .NET Framework does not enable CAS policy by default, so this load may be dangerous..."